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About Journal of Health Practice

Journal of Health Practice (JHP) is a peer reviewed general health and medical open access online monthly publication for busy practitioners and frontline health workers.

It covers all areas of practice and research in medicine and health. Its content includes articles by permission from BMJ Open, BMJ Case Reports and other licensees in line with CC licensing.

The aim is to publish articles and other materials that meet global best standards to support all healthpractitioners through every stage of health and medical practice, from system strengthening to applying gained knowledge, continuing professional development, skill acquisition and use, and positive attitude in the work place to underpin the best outcomes. The journal shall welcome the submission of manuscript(s) with significant insight and scientific message that has rigour. It is published by HRI WA Ltd.

JHP content shall cover health and medical practice, clinical governance, primary health care with emphasis on helping practitioners and health system strengthening strategies. Each section shall carry relevant and robust articles that meet the criteria of rigour and message: under Primary Health Care the Journal shall publish articles with focus on primary health care with focus on PHC in Low and Middle income countries (LMICs). It shall cover all areas of the organization and delivery of primary health care, research and innovation, including paradigm shift that focus on both inputs and outcome, simultaneously. Under clinical governance it shall cover all areas of the homegrown 12-Pillar Clinical Governance model that consist the essential inputs and expected outcomes that ensure best health practice in LMICs. The weak health systems and the multi sectoral underdevelopment of these countries and their perennial poor health indices make it vital that both inputs and outcome must be tackled simultaneously to achieve the desired quality and safe health care delivery. JHP shall receive and consider reports on clinical governance projects and programmes that show evidence of health system strengthening and which demonstrate quality health improvement.

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This Journal welcomes submission(s) of manuscript(s) with innovative insight and scientific discussions that have impact and rigour. It shall publish:

  1. Original articles on basic and clinical medicine and health topics.
  2. Case reports and case series studies.
  3. Invitational / spontaneous expert critical reviews, opinions and commentaries.
  4. Relevant news and current affairs in medicine and health.

The journal shall contain other materials such as News, commentaries, analysis and editorials.

JHP operational and editorial obligation is to inform author(s) of the decision on their manuscript(s) within six weeks of submission.

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